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Working with Out-of-State Clients

Having worked with out-of-state clients and/or out-of the area clients in the past, I can assure you that it really is not difficult at all.

Obviously, there is a certain level of trust involved and that trust level does go both ways. As with any situation, a well written contract does indeed serve to alleviate any potential issues which may possibly arise.

The information age has made long-distance business fairly easy to conduct. Digital photographs, faxes, email, websites, videos and the telephone all assist in making a long-distance relationship seem fairly close.

The client is kept well informed of specific time-frames that decisions must be made within to keep the project moving forward, just as though we were located within the same city.

Additionally, a list of dates will be provided prior to the commencement of the project so that the dates that you may want to come into town to see the project will be known well in advance.

These dates may shift somewhat, but you will know well in advance of any scheduling changes.

Selecting a lot from out-of-state is not all that difficult. If the correct lot parameters are provided, a selection of various lots can be found that fit the specific criteria. Information and digital photographs can be provided via email and a final lot selection list, or geographic area to look for lots list, can easily be compiled.

Obviously, you will then want to come to Albuquerque to see the town, the various outlying areas, and the specific lots that you may be interested in.

By going through this process, your time will be much more effectively and efficiently used.

Creating a set of plans for the home that you may want to build on your lot is also relatively easy to do long distance. We have speaker phones, conference calls, overnight mail and email to help with this process.

The key to designing a house long distance is the same as if you were in the same town and that is effective communication.

Additionally, dependant upon your location, it may also be possible to find certain materials and items in your home state to use in your new home that will be less expensive to purchase where you are and then ship them to New Mexico than it is to purchase them in Albuquerque or in Santa Fe.

I have direct experience with situations like this occurring and in most instances, it makes perfectly good sense.

Effective and open lines of communication are important in any business relationship and will absolutely be paramount in the creation of your new home in Albuquerque while you are out-of-state.

However, we can indeed create exactly what you want while you are not here. An out-of-state location should not be an impediment to your creating your dream home here in Albuquerque.

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