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Why You Want to Like Our Facebook Fan Page

1. When someone “Likes” our Fan Page, it is very easy for us to stay in touch with them and for them to stay abreast of what we are doing. This works wonderfully for our past clients, our current clients and persons with whom we may possibly work in the future.

2. If you don’t care for staying abreast with what we are doing, just consider that by “Liking” our Fan Page, it makes it very easy to spy on us.

3. If you only have interest in construction related topics or information just for the sake of curiosity, by “Liking” our Fan Page, you will receive access to interesting photographs, videos, articles and other information regarding construction and construction related topics that is presented in an unbiased and factual method and in a manner that you will be able to easily understand.

4. Our Fan Page is like a Mini-Blog and it is updated nearly every day. When you “Like” our Fan Page, our updates will appear in your News Feed, where you can ignore them, click on them to learn more, or just glance at them and then ignore them.

5. When you see our Fan Page updates, you can comment on them if you would like, or just notice them and be aware of what we are doing.

6. “Liking” our Fan Page is an easy way for you to post comments on our wall or ask us questions about some information that we may have presented, or something that you may have heard elsewhere.

7. Accumulating “Likes” on our Fan Page feeds our Ego and contributes to our sense of self worth.

8. If you have any questions about seasonal concerns, home maintenance, construction methods, construction materials, Building Codes, or any other topic as it pertains to homes or home construction, you can easily post these questions to us and expect an honest and easily understood answer once you have “Liked” our Fan Page.

9. If you have a friend, family member or some other acquaintance with whom you want to share our information, you will have an excellent way to provide them with some initial information about us, sort of like the spying mentioned in number two above. (Please review our Referral Policy on our main Web Site before referring anyone to determine if you may be eligible for a $2,500 Referral Bonus)

10. After you have “Liked” our Fan Page and are aware of our daily newsfeed, it is easy for you to be aware of what we may be doing on any of our other internet sites, to include You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn, our Blog, or our main Web Site.

11. By “Liking” our Fan Page, you will be able to see various jobs that we are currently working on and have the ability to ask specific questions about whatever it is that we may be doing.

12. After becoming aware of what it is that we are doing after you have “Liked” our Fan Page, you may want to schedule a time to come visit the project that caught your attention.

13. By “Liking” our Fan Page, it is easy for you to be aware of any specials and promotions that we may currently be running and how those things may be beneficial to you.

14. We do not Spam, nor do we use your Facebook Profile Page as a bulletin board. We only post information about our Business on our Fan Page, nowhere else.

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