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What is a Pocket Roof?

In Laymans terms and for the purposes of this explanation, a Pocket Roof could be considered as any area that is between the ceiling of a room and the roof of the house that will become inaccessible once the ceiling of the room is installed and the area above the ceiling is covered up by the roof.

This area between the Roof and the Ceiling will typically have some sort of Mechanical, Electrical, Insulation, Venting, Framing or Plumbing that is required to be inspected by a Building Official.

Our typical Pocket Roofs in New Mexico are comprised of an area above the ceiling of a room.

That ceiling is typically constructed such that there are Beams or Vigas on the ceiling and these Beams or Vigas are covered with Tongue and Groove, Latillas, Split Cedar, Grape Stake, Planking or some such material that is fastened to the top of the Beams or Vigas and that causes the ceiling area to become inaccessible from within the room once the ceiling is assembled and this ceiling assembly must occur during the framing stage and as the walls and the roof are being constructed.

Prior to placing the Roof Decking and Roofing Material on the pocket roof from above, any work that is required within the Pocket must be completed and inspected, in the event that such inspections are necessary.

The most typical Inspections in a Pocket Roof situation are the Electrical Inspection, the Framing Inspection and the Insulation Inspection.

It is possible that additional inspections may be required. The inspections are typically performed in that order with the last being the Insulation Inspection because the Insulation will cover the Electrical and Framing work that the Inspectors must be able to see.

Once the Insulation Inspection is complete, the Roof Decking may be put in place and the Roof itself may then be installed.

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