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Traditional Territorial

Territorial Style Home

Traditional Frame Construction
Price $980,000 @ 2,886 sq. ft. htd.

This Home was a fantastic Project and was the Dream Home of the Client. It was constructed in a true-to-form Territorial Style and had a multitude of unique features in it that ranged from the Retractable Thresholds in the back door to the Custom-built Pocket Doors separating the Dining Area from the Kitchen to the Imported Fireplace Surrounds to the back patio that could almost be considered as Indoor Living Space.

This home had a multitude of details and unique design characteristics that although they were challenging, they were very rewarding to create and the overall experience of building this home was extremely satisfying. The Interior Designers and Architect of this home were extremely pleasant and enjoyable to work with.

As can be seen in some of the photographs, the Home had a very nice Cistern System installed that would harvest all of the Rainwater from the roof of the Home and channel it into two underground Storage Tanks. As long as there is water in the Storage Tanks, that water is used for the Irrigation System.

However, when the water level in the tanks drops to an unusable level, the system will automatically switch itself over to use City water for the Irrigation System.


  • Traditional Frame Construction
  • $980,000 @ 2,886 s.f. htd.
  • Santa Fe, NM (Las Campanas)