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Traditional Southwestern Pueblo

Adobe Home

Adobe Home

The exterior walls of this home are constructed of double-stacked adobe, so the wall thickness prior to any interior or exterior finishes is sixteen inches. The floor tile on this home is rough-gauged sandstone set on a mortar bed and all interior walls are a traditional three coat plaster system.

Amongst all of the finishes that are readily apparent in the photographs of this home, many of the interior doors were actually antique doors that we built frames around to make them usable and fit in with the décor of the home. The main Entry Foyer ceiling is a Bovida, or curved brick ceiling.

Additionally, we used a variety of ceiling treatments in the home to include Latillas, Coved Plaster and Vigas, Grape Stake, Split Cedar and Smooth Plaster. While most of the cabinetry was custom made out of Alder, we made some pieces out of Mesquite Wood and then sandblasted them to give them a rustic and aged look. This home also has a Foam Roof.

Overall, this was a phenomenal home and blended magnificently with the area in which it was built.

Adobe Home

  • Earth Construction
  • $1,200,000 @ 5,032 s.f. htd.
  • Santa Fe, NM (Las Campanas)

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