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The Albuquerque Green Path Program

Are you interested in building a High Performance and Energy Efficient home? Would you like to have a Building Permit issued by the City of Albuquerque and pay no Impact Fees? If you answered yes to these two questions, then we should visit.

True story about a home that we built

Impact Fees on the home would have been $5,587 at the currently reduced rate of 50% of the maximum current allowable amount. At 100%, the impact fees on this home would have been $11,174. Please read this Blog Post to learn about the City of Albuquerques current Impact Fee Reduction.

By designing and constructing the home in a manner in which the home can be certified at the Silver Level of Build Green New Mexico, we became eligible for a complete elimination of the Impact Feeson this specific project. Please pay close attention to this, the home is required to (must) be certified at the Silver Level of Build Green New Mexico to be eligible for an elimination of Impact Fees.

In our example, the homeowner was already interested in methods of High Performance and Energy Efficient Home Construction so to do the few extra things to achieve the Build Green New Mexico Silver Level certification were really minor steps to take. In fact, we were able to use the reduced Impact Fee amount of $5,587 to pay for the mechanical equipment upgrades that were required to achieve the required certification, so the cost washed itself out. In other words, if you are the type of person who is already interested in High Performance and Energy Efficient Construction Methods, it may be a simple decision to go about the process of eliminating the Impact Fees for your project. Whereas, if you are not interested in Energy Efficient Construction Methods to begin with, the possible elimination of Impact Fees for your project may not even be something that you would want to consider.

Additionally, in this example, the client became eligible for approximately $12,000 in Tax Credits that will be obtained through the achievement of the Silver Level certification of the home. So, a win-win-win, the client not only avoided paying any Impact Fees, but they also obtained significant Tax Credits that can be spread over several years and, they didnt spend any additional money to achieve these things!

Another very important thing to note in this example is that we structure our Construction Agreements so that the Client does receive the benefit of the Impact Fee reduction and also receives the benefit of any Tax Credits that may be obtained. We get paid to construct the home and to save the client money and those are two obligations that we take very seriously. You may want to schedule a time to visit about how we may be able to save you some money as well.

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