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quoteOur initial meeting with David Langham was during the Parade of Homes in 2009. We had seen many homes and encountered many builders; however when we met David we knew he was going to be our builder. The attention he paid to us and the detailed budget he displayed on the Parade were impressive. His follow-up, communication and openness gave us confidence in his ability to build us our dream home.

His creative ideas during the design and construction process led to the inclusion of unique aspects into our home. Whenever we had any questions, David answered the phone when we called, or immediately returned any messages we may have left. This was the case throughout the entire construction process and continues, to this day, whenever we have questions or need information.

The sub-contractors that David uses were very easy to work with and they listened to our concerns and comments. They were very responsive whenever we needed any type of follow-up or change orders. David is a perfectionist and he expects the same from the sub-contractors. When something wasn’t to our liking, he made sure it was fixed to our satisfaction. While David recommends these sub-contractors, he allows his clients to go with any other service provider they may have in mind.

When construction began, David gave us a projected completion date and budget for our home. When all was said and done, both of these extremely important items were met and the quality of our home was never compromised. Additionally, the professionalism that David displayed throughout the process was first class and his attention to detail was evident as well.

Family and friends have seen our home and they were beyond impressed. More importantly, we are happier than we ever expected to be with our new home. David’s dedication and the hard work of his sub-contractors are the reason behind our happiness and we would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone interested in building a first class custom home.

Leroy Geraldine E

quoteWhen we met with David the first time, we figured that since we were not doing your run of the mill house that he would either decline due to the complexity of a non-standard house or he would want to have full control of every aspect from start to finish.

To our surprise, David jumped at the chance to do something different, was very aggressive in maintaining the initial budget that we agreed upon and allowed us to work on certain aspects of the home and pick some of our own subcontractors. He was a pleasure to work with because when it comes to the budget David is a stickler about doing what he says and goes the extra mile to ensure he comes in on target and there are no surprises for the client.

Additionally, David is very particular about the quality of work and holds his sub-contractors to a high standard of craftsmanship. We would definitely recommend David to others.

Darrel and Julia M.

quoteWe selected David Langham to build our new custom home after interviewing multiple builders. His references were impeccable which seemed almost too good to be true. His relationship with everyone; construction clients, subcontractors, suppliers, other builders, etc., came back extremely positive.

The words they consistently used were professional, honest, dependable, reliable and knows how to build a house. If he was half as good as everyone said, he would work out great.

Throughout the entire design/build process, he made every effort to deliver exactly what we had in mind, developing a detailed cost estimate and then watching the budget throughout.

His years of experience building custom homes were immediately apparent in his design review comments with our Architect and he was able to see potential issues, come up with alternative ideas and discuss the most cost effective methods of building the home.

He proved his experience in the field with his close working relationships with his hand-picked sub-contractors, who have enormous respect for him and know he will only accept perfection from them (so they do the job right the first time). His attention to detail is exceptional, almost fanatical, and shows with the end result being a perfect home.

His integrity, honesty and respect showed in all aspects of the process, making the Construction Project a pleasure. Knowing you can trust your builder makes all the difference in the world when investing in a new home. I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend David to anyone, regardless of the scope of the job.

Larry and Kim R.

quoteWe contacted David during a critical time in our lives. Our son-in-law was paralyzed as the result of a dirt bike accident in late June. As he recovered in a rehabilitation facility in Denver we decided to invite him and our daughter to move in with us when they returned to Rio Rancho. Our home is one level but was not handicapped accessible.

We contacted David with our dilemma and he responded immediately. After our initial visit he did some research and listened to us as we together designed Bryan and Jens Suite. David and his crew had to work quickly to complete the project for our childrens return in early October. The result of Davids work is both functional and beautiful. Our son-in-law is able to have access to everything he needs from the ramps into the house to a beautifully designed bathroom and bedroom area. We are thankful for Davids help in our time of need.

Roger and Debbie A.

quoteWe were fortunate in being referred to David by our friends, who spoke so highly of him and his workers.

We decided to make an appointment with him to visit about the construction of the Gazebo that we wanted. We had met with several people about this before but hadnt really felt comfortable with any of them. It was well worth our time in getting to know David and the design that he came up with for our Gazebo was fantastic, as was the way that he created our budget.

David takes pride in his work and is a terrific Craftsman, we would recommend him to anyone who would want to undertake a project! Our Gazebo is beautiful, Thank you and your workers!

Ray and Marie S.

quoteAlthough we did not work with David Langham while he was building our home in Rio Rancho, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with him since purchasing the home in May 2008.

Davids homes are visually stunning and exceptionally well built. Upon entering our home for the first time, we were immediately taken by its design, the quality of workmanship, and the amazing mountain views that had been captured in virtually every window by the placement of the home on the half acre lot.

Equally impressive was Davids follow-up after purchase. His attentiveness to every request and detail further underscored the quality of his work.

We were fortunate to have Davids assistance with a subsequent fence and landscape project in our backyard. Under his constant supervision, the project was beautifully completed on time and within budget.

Our David Langham home has become our dream home in New Mexico, and we recommend Davids work to anyone seeking a truly creative and conscientious builder.

Marc and Lynn N.

quoteFrom beginning to end, David Langham provided us with top-notch service in the construction of our home. He was extremely easy to work with and was very responsive to all of our questions and requests.

To start with, David assisted us in the design of our home and gave us valuable aesthetic and cost-saving tips. Upon the commencement of our home construction, David oversaw every aspect of the process with precision, never-ending attention to detail, and budget-conscious decisions.

The quality of his construction is outstanding, due to his abovementioned attention to detail and highly-skilled subcontractors (we should mention that his subcontractors were great to work with and really listened to us, as did David).

He actually completed the project under budget and ahead of schedule. We are extremely happy with the end product and weve received numerous compliments from family and friends on the beauty and quality of our home.

We would highly recommend David to anyone wanting to build a house (and we are already recommending him to friends and acquaintances for home remodeling jobs!).

John and Cece M.

quoteDavid is a Gentleman and a true Professional!

What a treat to find no surprises on the final bill and have all of the expenses be exactly what they were supposed to be. After a while, we learned that we didnt have to worry because David did all of the worrying for us, and since he is a perfectionist, that meant that we didnt have to be!

We sure missed David and all of the workers when they were finished with the job, our dog became quite depressed.

We told our good friends all about David and he did a project for them, they love their new space as much as we love our new Pergola. Thanks, David!!

Alvin and Libby D.

quoteDavid built us an Award Winning Home and made sure we had a good time doing it!

His attention to detail, patience, and professionalism made building our home a lot of fun and we experienced much less stress than we had originally anticipated!! His extensive experience and professional guidance helped turn our vision for our dream home into a reality. His honesty and truthfulness in budgeting meant the world to us.

On-time and on budget are not common in the construction industry, but David worked to assure that our project was just that.

If we didnt love our home so much wed be ready to build another one with him! Davids homes are built with a level of craftsmanship that is enduring.

Jose and Cindy V.

quoteBeing relatively new to Albuquerque, we werent sure who to visit with regarding the garage and Casita that we added behind our home so my wife began asking people that she knew who they would recommend.

David had just completed a remodel for one her friends and he was highly recommended. We had our initial meeting and decided that we would like to work with David and it was definitely a good decision.

He brought my design of the Garage/Casita to life.

He also was understanding when I made some design changes along the way. With any construction project, not every day is a perfect day but whats most important is would you recommend your Builder to someone else and I can unequivocally state that I would have no reservations recommending David to anyone.

David is conscientious, the people that he works with are pleasant, and at the end of the project, my wife and I are very pleased and happy. I believe that anyone would be pleased with working with David.

Eric and Jeanine D.

quote David,

Sorry this has taken a bit but we wanted to get the feel of the house before sending it. Now that we have been in here a little over a month I am completely overwhelmed with how well this house was built.

Coming from a tract home to a custom home is of course a huge difference, but you thought of so many things like lighting, electrical plugs etc. The kitchen and the cabinets with so many different details within them makes organization a breeze. Your tile work throughout the house is absolutely beautiful.

I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of building a new home. You positioned this house to take advantage of the view and it does, I love it. Thank you again!

Tracye and Buddy B.

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