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Summer Watering Tips Bernalillo County Summer Water Restrictions

n Bernalillo County the heat of the desert and the spring winds can cause a simple task like watering your lawn to quickly become an exercise in water waste.  Here are some summer watering tips to help save water and money.

On windy, hot days nearly half of your water can be lost to evaporation and wind drift.  Under these circumstances it is best to wait out the heat and wind and try to water during the early morning or late evening.

The Bernalillo County Water Authority has put water restrictions in place from April 1 to October 31 each year.  These restrictions not only help save you money but they also help preserve our most precious natural resource water.

The best option is to install an irrigation or bubbler drip system to water your plants and trees.  If those are not available to you, hand watering is the next best option.  Try to avoid watering systems that spray water into the air.

Bernalillo County has provided this graphic to help you remember what watering times are restricted.  Remember, the Water Authority can assess a fee from $2,000 for using sprinklers during the restricted time.

These summer watering tips can help keep your plants happy and healthy while saving you money and preserving our water!

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