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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Price: $33,000

The original roof on this Adobe structure just wasn’t constructed very well. The roof framing of the home itself certainly wasn’t anything to brag about and the quality of the original metal roof just wasn’t all that great.

Additionally, many of the screws that were in the original roof were not anchored into any solid substrate, they were essentially just fastening one sheet of metal to another and were not providing any stability function.

We removed the existing roof in sections and literally had to extend the existing roof joists in some areas to provide proper backing to anchor the new roof decking to, especially in the valley areas.

When we removed the existing roof, we actually discovered that the existing valleys were constructed of nothing more than bent metal. We placed new decking on the entire home and replaced the water damaged facia boards where required and we replaced the existing metal with new Galvalume.

Additionally, we replaced a few windows and restuccoed approximately twenty-five percent of the home. We were able to achieve a very good match between the new stucco and the old. Overall, it was a nice project.

Roof Renovations

  • Renovations
  • $33,000
  • Placitas, NM

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