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Rammed Earth Home

Rammed Earth Home

Earth Construction
Price: $365,000 @ 2,368 s.f. htd.

This is literally the Home that the client had always dreamed of having. Previously on site was a turn-of –the-century Adobe Home that really wasn’t able to be rehabilitated to meet the long-term needs of the client and his family. The existing Structure was demolished and the Rammed Earth Home was built in its place.

The home was constructed by using steel forms that were assembled in a maximum area of eight feet by eight feet and twenty-four inches thick.

After the forms were assembled, properly mixed soil with the correct moisture content was placed inside of the forms in approximately twelve inch layers and mechanically compacted in place. In earlier times, the soil would have been manually compacted, or “rammed”, to achieve appropriate densities.

All of the interior walls of the home were of frame construction. Most of the interior woodwork in the home is exposed and all of the rooms but one have exposed Structural Trusses.

The roof is a classic farm house design and has four Dormer Windows. There is an attic on each side of the home where the furnaces are located and the roof is Galvalume.

This is a beautiful and very unique Home and it was featured in the Albuquerque Journal in March of 2009.

Albuquerque Rammed Earth Home

  • Earth Construction
  • $365,000 @ 2,368 s.f. htd.
  • Village of Los Ranchos, NM
  • Featured Article

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