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Mid Valley Remodel

Albuquerque Mid Valley Remodel

Price: $225,000

Beautiful home on over one acre located near the Griegos and Rio Grande area in the North Valley.

The home was originally constructed in 2002 and although it was nice, it certainly did not fit the area in which it was constructed. The client purchased the Home and Land at a phenomenal price and had a desire to increase the value of their investment.

Working with the Homeowner and with Designers, we brought the home up to the norms of the rest of the neighborhood. Although some structural work was performed; such as the addition of doors and windows in the Great Room, rebuilding two fireplaces, the removal and reconstruction of the kitchen and the addition of Refrigerated Air, the remodel was limited mainly to more cosmetic items such as the addition of new floors, the remodel of the Master Bath room, retexturing all of the walls and ceilings and a restucco of the home.

This was a great project from the perspective that we were able to take a very ordinary looking home that had very few features to speak of and really turn it into a showcase home the the Client is very proud of.

We absolutely increased the value of the property far more than the cost of the remodel.

Kitchen Remodel

  • Renovations
  • Price: $225,000
  • Los Ranchos, NM