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Interior Renovations

High Desert Remodel

Price: $109,000

This remodel was mainly cosmetic in nature, additions of wood flooring in some areas, venetian plaster in some areas, complete remodel of two bathrooms, a kitchen counter and island replacement and a restucco of the Home, among several other miscellaneous things.

We also removed a small patio cover on the back of the home and added a large covered area to the back of the home to create a very nice Portal.

Although this home was very nice and pleasant prior to the remodel, the work that was done served to bring everything in the house together and cause it to flow much better than it had prior to the work being performed.

Additionally and even more important, the Client now has many more years of enjoyment of this home to look forward to and they can now do so while enjying their very nice Outdoor Living Area.

High Desert Remodel

  • High Desert Remodel
  • $109,000
  • Albuquerque, NM

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