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Outdoor Living
Price: $23,000

Home in Rio Rancho. While the client had a fairly large backyard, it was split in half due to the natural topography of the lot and the best view was obtained from the upper portion of the back yard.

The existing rear portal looked to the North and the rear of the lot and we needed to create a structure that would capture the views to the South and South East.

The client was originally from the Midwestern United States and had essentially had homes with classic Gazebos all of their life. We took the traditional Gazebo and added a Southwestern flair to it. We were able to capture beautiful views of the Sandia Mountains from the Gazebo as well as provide good shade from the Southern and Western exposures as well as some protection from the Western wind.

The client has stated on several occasions that they like their Gazebo better than their home and they now spend a huge amount of time up there enjoying their views.

Gazebo Construction

  • Outdoor Living
  • Price: $23,000
  • Rio Rancho, NM

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