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Exterior Renovations

Pergola and Portal Enclosure

Pergola and Portal

Outdoor Living
Price: $38,000

Existing home in Rio Rancho where the Client really enjoyed their home and had a very nice backyard, but the Outdoor Living Space was wholly inadequate for their needs and desires.

The rear portal of the existing home looked at the side of the home on the adjoining lot and had no real Southern or Southeastern exposures, which are the directions of the mountains from this location.

We enclosed the existing portal and made it into more of a sunroom where the client could enjoy feeling as though they were outside during the colder months, yet still remain warm, and also have somewhere to sit in the Spring when the wind is blowing from the West.

We constructed the Pergola to match one that the Client had seen in a magazine and this was situated to take advantage of the views that could not be obtained from the existing rear portal.

Additionally, the Pergola was designed to provide some protection from the Western wind as well as shade from the open beam work above as the day progressed.


  • Outdoor Living
  • Price: $38,000
  • Rio Rancho, NM

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