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Cellulose Insulation Installation

Cellulose Insulation is made from approximately 85% recycled content. Additionally, as can be seen in the video above, the excess material itself can be collected and deposited back into the hopper and re-blown into the wall cavities to significantly reduce any job-site waste which may occur.

Cellulose Insulation can be installed in either of two ways. One way being dry-blown into an attic or truss space and the other being a wet-blown application into wall cavities (or stud spaces).

Cellulose maintains an excellent R-factor regardless of outdoor temperatures and does so without shrinkage or settling, but more importantly, when wet-blown into wall cavities, Cellulose Insulation will attach itself to all of the surfaces that it touches and becomes an excellent barrier to air migration.

Air migration can be simply explained as the transfer of air from within and without the Conditioned Space of the home which results in significant inefficiencies in the heating and cooling of the home itself. In other words, air migration equals wasted energy. By preventing the transfer of air from our conditioned areas, we significantly increase the performance of the home.

The wet-blown Cellulose product that we use is also blended with a Borate Compound that in this application, is non-toxic to humans, but is toxic to insects such as termites and roaches. Borate compounds may also act as rodent deterrents.

There is also a natural fire retardant system by which the Borate Compounds are infused into the Cellulose. In a situation in which a fire is in progress, there are no toxic chemicals emitted from the Cellulose as it heats, and the fire is slowed down or extinguished due to the release of a water vapor.

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