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Albuquerque Custom Homes Vanities and Tile

Bathroom Vanities can be Simple or Complex, Functional or Ornate, Plain or Decorative. Some Vanities you don’t want to get water spots on and some you would use to bathe the dog in. You can have a beautiful Vanity, yet still have Functionality and Utility. Since we do a lot of beautiful Tile work on Vanities, you will also see a selection…

Albuquerque Custom Homes Showers and Wall Tiles

We do the majority of our Decorative Wall Tile in Showers, but we also do a fair amount of this work on Kitchen Backsplash areas as well as on Fireplaces, Wainscoat applications and on Feature Walls. You are truly only limited by your imagination when it comes to wall tile, although occasionally the material itself will impose certain restrictions on what can…

Albuquerque Custom Homes Site Prep

Although there are many factors to consider prior to the commencement of Site Preparation, this stage of the Construction Process is extremely important. Improper site preparation can result in subsidence and/or upheaval issues that will be very costly to address and repair at a later date. Take the time to have a Soils Analysis done and follow the recommendations of the Engineer….

Albuquerque Custom Homes Roofing

Not all Roofs in New Mexico are flat! (and even the ones that look like it really aren’t) The style of the Roof is typically dictated by the style of the Home. Although many of our roofs here in New Mexico are of the flat look, we also construct quite a few Pitched Roofs as well. Additionally, we quite often mix looks…

Albuquerque Custom Homes Patios and Portals

Portals and Patios, in New Mexico, its what we do. We essentially have 300 days of excellent weather every year and beautiful vistas to enjoy, and we all enjoy entertaining our friends, as well as having a private place to enjoy our morning coffee. A home should have attached areas to take advantage of the views and scenery that we all enjoy…

Albuquerque Custom Homes Outdoor Living Areas

Quite often, the way that we design and construct our Portals and Patios lends them to being considered as an Outdoor Living Area. Occasionally, however, a client may want something more and we will create a space that is separate and detached from the Home that will serve their needs and meet their desires.

Albuquerque Custom Homes Landscaping

From Private Courtyards to the integration of the Driveway into the Natural Terrain and Topography, Landscaping encompasses a broad spectrum of activities that not only serve to make the Home more Attractive and Inviting, but also serve to minimize the impact of the Home on the surrounding Environment and to protect Natural Elements during the Construction Phase of the Project. Your Landscaping…

Albuquerque Custom Homes Kitchens

Some people want a Chefs Kitchen while others don’t want to make anything more involved than coffee and pizza. Whatever your desires are, the kitchen should meet your needs and be designed so as to facilitate ease of use, with all major elements located so that is just as easy to prepare a five-course gourmet meal as it is to brew that…

Albuquerque Custom Homes Interior Doors

You can have Custom -made Interior Doors or Off-the-shelf Interior Doors. Big Doors or Little Doors, Old Doors or New Doors. We can take an Old Door and put it into a new frame, or take a New Door and make it look old. Some Doors are plain, and some Doors are fancy. A lot of the doors that we currently use…

Albuquerque Custom Homes Interior Lighting

There is a lot to consider when selecting Interior Lighting. Although the Finishes do not have to be exact, you should strive for some type of continuity, or at least a variety of finishes, that do not clash with themselves, the Door Hardware, the Door Hinges, the Plumbing Fixtures, the Bath Hardware, and other Finish Items that will be in the Home….

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