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20 Club #43 – The Keystones

20 Club




Home Construction and Consulting Services, LLC is a proud participant in the National Association of Home Builders, Builder 20 Club Program.

The 20 Clubs are comprised of similar type builders, remodelers or other industry professionals from non-competing markets.

Each club meets two times a year to share wisdom and learn ways to improve operations and increase efficiencies.

Its like having your own personal board of directors to bounce ideas off of.

Statistics indicate that 20 Club members perform better than non-members in financial growth, operational systems and long-term success.

Active 20 Club members have a greater likelihood of increasing the success of their businesses by their third year of membership from applying what they’ve learned from other club members.


The Power of 20

Members Of Our Club #43 – The Keystones

Builder 20 Testimonials




Vincent Napolitano
Napolitano Homes
Virginia Beach, VA

Out of all of the services that NAHB has provided to its members, and I go way back with NAHB, this is the best service theyve ever provided. We have learned how to market homes and build homes better and operate our business more effectively.

Mike Holmes
Holmes Construction Company, Inc.
Reno, Nevada

Joining the NAHB 20 Club program has been by far the single most important decision I have made with regard to my custom home building business. Every aspect of my companys performance has been improved by the sharing of ideas and the unconditional giving among our members. The benefits of my 20 Club membership have certainly exceeded my expectations by so much more than the power of 20.

Tim Roth
J.T. Roth Construction, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

The Builder 20 Club has provided a level of education that cannot be obtained through seminars. I have found my involvement with my Builder 20 Club to be the best tool for improving the operations of my company and can recommend the 20 Clubs to anyone that wants to show positive growth within their company.

Jalal Farzaneh
Home Creations
Norman, Oklahoma

Builder 20 is not the best way to run your business; it is the only way. You use other builders experience that had the same problem and found a better solution. Why reinvent the wheel?

Becky Hines
MTO Construction, Inc. Kearney, NE

You need someone who has the same goals and the same product whom you can bounce ideas off of. You can get that fresh perspective. We come out with so much enthusiasm because we get support, direction and most importantly, camaraderie.